Neural Balance for Better Sleep

sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing

When you don’t get enough sleep, you lose out. For example, focus, concentration, losing your temper are all tougher to manage. Furthermore, sleep deprivation makes you more irritated, anxious and cranky, which in turn makes it harder to get to sleep at night.  It’s a vicious cycle that Neural Balance TM can break!

Drugs as Opposed to Natural Cures

Millions of Americans have found “relief” in the pharmaceutical gestapo’s solution to this problem. Of course, their answer is drugs! But don’t get me wrong, they work.  You’ll sleep like a baby, but the reason “relief” is in quotations is because it really isn’t relief at all.  Imagine sleeping great, but still waking up feeling groggy and even confused.  Of course that is the least of it. In fact, the side effects of sleeping pills are a mile long and they may just end up being the ultimate cause of the sleep you don’t wake up from!

Don’t fret however, there is a natural way to get better sleep that doesn’t come along with side effects that are often far worse than a little drowsiness.  In fact, it was accidentally discovered by folks just like you. They are parents and grandparents of children with autism and ADHD.   They have found that it is effective to use Neural Balance for autism.

The Horrors that are Sleeping Pills

The research on sleeping pills (prescription and OTC) will make your skin crawl.  You might think the FDA would stop approving them or that doctors would stop prescribing them, but they don’t.  Why?  Are they unaware of the side effects?  Of course not, but there is a boatload of money to be made here.  Making money is no bad thing but putting it above the lives of people is another deal entirely. In fact, just in the months of January through June of 2015 Lunesta and Ambien CR, the two top prescription drugs for sleep, brought in $70M and $45M, respectively.  That’s a lot of money and lot of temptation for folks at the top to value money over people.

Sleeping Outcomes From Studies1:

  • 70% increased risk of developing autoimmune disease2
  • 65% increased risk of stroke3
  • Respiratory failure and coma4
  • Sleep-related eating disorders5
  • Traumatic brain injury6
  • Hip fracture6
  • Premature death7

The newest kid on the block in the sleeping pill category is BelsomraTM.   It was approved by the FDA in 2015, and received over 1,000 adverse reports in just its first few months on the market.  Complaints included terrible nightmares, sleep paralysis and even suicidal depression.  Even the website for this drug states that those who take it should not participate in activities that “require clear thinking after taking Belsomra.”

A Doctor Starts Thinking…Balance!

Fortunately, drugs don’t have to be the answer to your problem sleeping.  In fact, one doctor and researcher, Dr. Hatipoglu of the Cleveland Clinic was looking for a safe, yet effective solution for her autistic son, but was unable to find any such thing.  You see, her son also had a heart arrhythmia and with all the side effects associated with drugs, they were as likely to kill him as help him.  She tried interventions, therapy and a load of other ‘behavior modification’ strategies, but still to no end. Of course, this was frustrating and heart breaking.  She knew what he needed and when he needed it, but as he got older dealing with him only became more difficult.

That’s when she was fortunate enough to attend a seminar on the “new” pathway for diabetes and weight loss, the endocannabinoid system.  Then the light bulb came one! This was the beginning of an idea that led to natural therapy to help children with autism ADHD and many other behavior issues.

neural balance pills or powder

A Solution to Sleep Better – Neural Balance

The journey for Dr. Hatipoglu led her, not to a new miracle drug (if there is such a thing), but to a plant known as passionflower. While it has been used for generations, the research indicated that it worked in that “new” pathway. So she got some passionflower supplements, but only to find that they didn’t help.  Shortly thereafter she was lucky enough to cross paths with a pharmacist that found her a much higher quality source. Within a week her son was displaying dramatic improvements in his behavior and interaction; he was doing things that he had never even done before, such as singing. Thus, Dr. Hatipoglu and the pharmacist kept perfecting their formula into what is now known as Neural Balance.

How it Helps You Sleep Better

The endocannabinoid (EC) system is a series of pathways and brain cell transmissions that passionflower uses to gently calm you.  Your body produces chemicals known as cannabinoids that control how you think and feel by actually reversing brain signals.  I know this sounds weird so let me explain:

At the end of each brain cell, known as the axon, the cell releases chemical signals.  These ‘pass on’ the message to the next neuron that receives those chemicals via it’s dendrites (the neuron’s head).  This is how the brain sends and receives all of its information.  Cannabinoids travel from a receiving brain cell back to the sender to sort of “dim” these chemical receptors.  This has a calming effect because it controls the intensity of brain activity so as to avoid becoming overexcited.  This is not the same as brain function however.  The brain cannot function properly with ‘too much’ going on, so this built in system is meant to manage the fine line between brain activity and stress level.  Recognizing this, researchers have tried to utilize the EC system to develop new therapies for diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, insomnia8 and anxiety8,9.

Neural Balance Ingredients

It is quite ironic that passionflower has been providing calm and sleep for over 3,000 years.  But somehow our modern science has only recently discovered its power.  There is plenty of research that supports it as an effective sleep aid10-14, a stress and anxiety reliever and a healer for an essential calming brain chemical known as gamma-Aminobutyric acid15.

Nowadays the OTC supplements that contain passionflower are a dime a dozen.  Furthermore, few are concerned with the source, potency and combination that are most effective.  It took a lot of work, but after much trial and error, the best formula was developed into what is now known as Neural Balance, which utilizes 3 varieties of passionflower. These include the flower itself, the fruit, and a high level of bioflavonoids, another family of molecules related to vitamin C.

Grandma’s Relief for Better Sleep

Although she had never needed drugs to control her mood before, when Dawn had just turned 60, both her parents died, and her daughter gave birth to a stillborn child and suddenly a pill was looking quite tempting.  Fortunately, a friend offered her two containers of Neural Balance and the improvement began.  Of course, she was still sad, but she ate better, slept better and felt better.

It worked so well that she decided to give it a try with her two grandchildren.  Both were on Ritalin for focus and behavior, but at the end of the day they would have ‘meltdowns’ as the drug wore off and it also affected their eating habits.  After being on Neural Balance (and stopping Ritalin), their behavior improved dramatically. Both boys were doing much better in school and staying out of trouble.

What About Neural Balance Side Effects

The question should really be: Is it safe to take drugs for sleep?  There are no Neural Balance side effects because it is entirely natural.  You can do what you want, but personally I take it because it works!  Many folks find it most helpful to have one serving in the morning and one at night, but you can have as much as 4 servings per day. So now you can sleep at night knowing that you can do so without risking your health in the process.


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