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the brain is very complex and our most important organ

There is no official cure for Alzheimer’s Disease and in America folks over 65 have a 1 in 9 chance of getting it.  And the numbers are worse the older you get; 1 in 3 after age 85.  That’s more than 5 million poor souls losing brain power and that number will triple by 2050.  Of course, there are drugs for the disease, but I think we are all aware that they really don’t work.  Someday the pharmaceutical industry will come out with one that mimics the effects of an herb that is already known to be by far the best Alzheimer’s support.  This herb is found in a product called NeuroActin.

the best alzheimer's support yetYou Need Alzheimer’s Support Long Before You Think

Traveling down the path of Alzheimer’s is a long journey indeed. In fact, many scientists believe it begins as early as 20 years prior to symptoms.  Unfortunately, people often recognize it only after some significant deficiencies have already manifested.  Most of us experience stress and age-related memory problems from time to time.  Remembering new names, having trouble with recall or just forgetting where you left your keys, and yet this is often how Alzheimer’s starts.  At this stage we often don’t even realize what it is.

Within your brain is a sort of transportation system of high order and organization.  This allows nutrients and wastes to be find their respective locations quickly and easily, thus maximizing function-ability.  However, a protein known as tau, keeps these pathways straight and in working order.   When it is operating correctly, tau acts much like the plastic covering of a wire.  Over time though, it begins to fray and things get dicey.  When it collapses completely they form threads and bundles called neurofibrillary tangles.  These tangles literally twist up molecules such as beta amyloid, a waste product, preventing its removal.

Although your cells do their best, the amyloid that does get dumped ends up forming clumps that become plaques throughout the brain.  This eventually leads to cell death. The areas of language and memory in the brain shrink and loss of cognitive function results.  In short, your brain power goes down the toilet!

Not the Right Problem

Amyloid plaques are the defining feature of Alzheimer’s and anyone familiar at all with the disease knows about them.  Naturally, scientists concluded for some time that these plaques are the cause of the disease and became the focus of research and drug interventions to find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.  But now we realize that although the plaques do cause it, the real problem is in the original breakdown of the Tau.  Scientists are working furiously to develop something to this end.  But the fact of the matter is that Mother Nature came up with a brain boosting cure a long time ago!

Hope for Real Alzheimer’s Support

The herb that just might be your brain’s salvation is known as andrographis-such as is found in NeuroActin.  Let’s be clear however; there are no published studies on humans proving that it ‘works,’ but the animal studies how shown amazing promise as have many observations.

One researcher from Chile shared his findings.  His friend’s father had Alzheimer’s so badly that his memory would degrade just from one day to the next, until he began taking andrographis for about a month. Instead of forgetting everything, he started remembering.  Similar results have been seen with others being able to read again and recognize the day of the week.

There is plenty of clinical research going on in this area right now.  Yet at best it will be years before a drug approaching the effectiveness of andrographis is on the market—including side effects!  Fortunately, the animal studies have given us a sneak peak into the future of how we can keep our brains strong and healthy. Of course people are not animals and because it works on a rat doesn’t guarantee human success.  However, it does show a lot of promise.

Plants in Neuroactin Improve Your Brain

The science of the brain is pretty technical, and the truth is that no one entirely understands it  But here are the basics:

Powerful compounds found in andrographis are known as andrographolides.  They work with the chemicals of the brain to encourage healthy tau protein.  One study for instance found that a crucial pathway that ensures the proper functioning of the tau originates with andrographolides.  This pathway often does not work properly in Alzheimer’s patients.2  The scientists came to the conclusion that this could be an effective treatment for brain degenerative diseases.  Andrographis keeps on giving too.  It also decreases inflammation in the brain as shown by another animal study.3  Inflammation = limited communication channels among brain cells.

Brain Power Proof of Neuroactin

One study using mice was particularly telling in terms of what andrographis can do for the brain.  Again, we are not mice, but genetically we are quite similar to them believe it or not.  In any case, mice of age 7 and  12 months were given andrographis to see if it would display any Alzheimer’s support (yes, mice do get it too; I told you were aren’t all that different!).  Here’s what they found:4

  • Less tau breakdown
  • Lower amyloid levels (remember, the waste product) and clumping prevention
  • Prevention of disease progression
  • Lower cognitive impairment
  • Decreased oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain
  • Protection against loss of brain cells
  • Higher formation of new brain cells

One last time—humans are not mice, but this compound has proven to be a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease for them and there is plenty of evidence that it will work for you too.  Even if it is only half as effective for people as it is for mice, it would boost your brain power far more than any drug on the market!

Five Brain Power Boosters in NeuroActin

Of course, the star of the show is andrographis. But a brand new, cutting edge supplement (NeuroActin) also includes additional brain boosters that have already shown to increase your ability to noodle.

    • Schisandra-a brain cell protector that prevents cognitive deficits.5
    • John’s Worta stress reducer, it can significantly improve your ability to recognize people, places and things as well as your spatial memory.6 This is probably at least partly due to its ability to increase blood flow.
      • Vitamins B3, B6 and B12-Each of these already has an established link to cognition and aging as most older folks are deficient in them

 .7 Those with mild cognitive impairments and high levels of homocysteine (another factor associated with Alzheimer’s) especially need these nutrients according to a recent trial.  It also found that these B’s slowed down a decline in cognitive ability as well as may prevent the conversion of mild impairment into full blown dementia.8

NeuroActin – The Best Alzheimer’s Support – Dare We Say Cure?

I suppose you could wait for more research to come out or meditate on it for a while, but you may need to act fast.  If you wait too long, you may forget you ever read this!  In other words, don’t wait until it’s too late.  Protect your brain power starting today with the best Alzheimer’s support money can buy: NeuroActin.  You should take 2 capsules daily (don’t forget!). Typically, results from NeuroActin are seen after a month or two.


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