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Allergies result from your immune system incorrectly “thinking” that something harmless is an intruder.  For example, pollen doesn’t hurt you, but your body mistakenly thinks it will.  As a result, it releases a family of chemicals called histamines.  These cause you to cough, sneeze and leak through your eyes and nose.  Since this response does little more than cause misery, you probably want some allergy solutions.  Of course, you can get allergy remedies in drug form such as with loratidine, the active ingredient in ClaritinTM.  But there are also natural allergy relief pills.  So would you rather take the drugs, side effects and all, or a natural cure?


quercetin allergy solutions

Quercetin; for Effective Universal Allergy Solutions

Quercetin is sometimes know as one of the best universal allergy solutions because it helps just about everyone to some degree.  It also has a lot of additional health benefits.  It’s good for your heart, eyes, allergic disorders, arthritis and even cancer risk.1  The reason it works so well against allergies is because it naturally blocks histamines.  You know, the nasty little molecules that cause the symptoms of allergies?  They are to blame for your runny nose and sneezing.2  But with quercetin, you experience relief as your natural, but unwanted response to harmless molecules is weakened.stinging nettle allergy solutions


Get Some Stinging Nettle for Allergy Relief

As you now know, when the body has any sort of irritation, including from allergies, it responds by releasing histamines.  They cause your symptoms as well as inflammation.  But you might also know that chronic inflammation results in the breakdown of tissue.  That’s not so good.  Stinging nettle acts as a natural counter to inflammation by preventing the release of these chemicals.  Especially those associated with allergies.3,4
oil of oregano allergy solutions

Allergy Solutions With Oregano

Because allergies are a reaction of your immune system , giving it what it needs to function properly should be a top priority. After all, allergic reactions can, and in fact are, supposed to be an attempt to rid the body of a harmful intruder.  Consequently, there are various forms of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes floating in even the cleanest air and into our bodies all the time.  But oil of oregano can kill just about all of them.  It is sometimes referred to as a natural antibiotic.  Plus, it happens to have anti-inflammatory properties like nettles, making it an excellent solution.5  In short, oil of oregano both strengthens your immune system and may help provide some allergy relief.



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