Blood Sugar

The Best Supplements for Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control

Whever you eat food, particularly with carbs/sugars in it, your pancrease releases a hormone called insulin that “tells” your cells to absorb sugar.  If this does not happen properly, then you end up with too much sugar in your blood.  As a result of your out of control blood sugar, health problems follow.  In fact, it is quite harmful in the long-run.  This is why regulating it is so important.  If (#1) your pancrese does not produce enough insulin and/or (#2) your cells do not respond properly to it, then you have diabetes.1

alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant and mimics insulin for good blood sugar regulation

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) to Mimick Insulin

There is alpha lipoic acid is in some foods and it is quite an amazing molecule.  It is one of the few powerful, free radical fighting antioxidants that is both fat and water soluble.  Thus, it can eliminate harmful waste products anywhere in your body.  Most antioxidants only work in watery or fatty parts of your body.2  ALA is also a great tool in the battle against diabetes because it fights problem #1 by mimicking insulin.  So, although your pancreas may not be producing enough on its own, ALA encourages your cells to absorb insulin anyway.  As a result, you are keeping your blood sugar closer to where it should be.3  In addition, it is effective in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy (a type of nerve damage that results from diabetes).2

cinnamon is effective at blood sugar regulation and lowers cholesterol too

Cinnamon for Healthy Sugar Levels

Cinnamon is a well-known herb for blood sugar regulation as well. Besides, it tastes good too!  In particular, it is thought to tackle problem #2 by reducing insulin resistance of your cells.4  Even with enough insulin, if your cells don’t respond, you will still end up with high levels of sugar in your blood and all the nasty health outcomes associated with it.   Nonetheless, studies have shown that cinnamon is quite effective at lowering blood sugar and actually cholesterol too.5

Gymnema Sylvestre For Cell Fixing

Within your pancreas are special cells known as beta cells.  They have two jobs; produce insulin and release it when blood sugar starts rising.6  Oftentimes diabetes results from the destruction or otherwise malfunction of these cells because your sugar level doesn’t go down like it is supposed to after a meal.  However, gymnema sylverstre actually repairs these cells somehow and even promotes weight loss.7,8