Unlike most nutritionists, I will come to you, whether it is at your home or another quiet place of your choosing.  Since everyone is different, some people will only need to meet with me a few times, others will want continuing support even after their goals have been reached.  You decide what your personal needs are, but most interactions will consist of 4 main parts:

Needs Assessment

  • This is where we work together to determine what it is that you are looking to accomplish.  Then we will explore ways that we might accomplish them together.

Goal Setting

  • As a team we will set a specific goal for the next day, week, month or whatever we determine is relevant for YOU.

Plan of Action

  • Together we will create a specific plan of action to move us toward your goal.


  • I will follow-up to see how your goal is progressing and we will discuss potential new goals.

Everyone has different needs, abilities and motivations and so each client interaction and solution will be unique.  No matter what the situation however, YOU are the ‘you expert’ and so together we will craft goals and solutions that will work for…well…YOU.

CONTACT ME and begin your journey to better health!

Phone: 971-236-1436

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