I am a certified nutritionist with 2 masters degrees and a head FULL of knowledge that can help you get fit, healthier and happier.
I may not be pretty but I CAN help you meet your health, wellness and fitness goals!

An Educated and Experienced Nutritionist

My name is Paul Claybrook and I am your local nutritionist!  I am a native of Kennewick where I currently reside and received my initial degree in mathematics and chemistry (WSU-TC).   Soon after I worked as a store manager for a major vitamin retailer and was really successful because I understood much of the chemistry, biology and physiology associated with the products I sold.  As a result, I created a store environment that was more like a clinic than a vitamin shop.  New management at the corporate level quickly destroyed the overall viability of the company, as they often do, but I learned a lot and found that I loved helping people with their health.

Shortly after leaving I also finished a masters in business, but that wasn’t my real passion.  You can make a lot of money with that kind of degree, but I wouldn’t be doing work I enjoy.  So, a few years later I decided to do the nutrition-thing and went back to school to earn a masters in the subject.  I also become certified with the state of Washington.  Thus, my dream of becoming a nutritionist could be realized.  No, not just a nutritionist, a Super Duper Nutritionist!  Now I help people with their diet, exercise, supplements and so forth.

Not Your Average Everyday Nutritionist

In short, I’m not your typical know-nothing dietitian or personal trainer armed with worthless workouts and half-true nutrition advice that I only parrot to sound knowledgeable.  I AM knowledgeable about the chemistry, biology, physiology and all the other -ologies that make life happen.  I understand HOW the body works and use that knowledge to help YOU accomplish your goals.  Given my expansive knowledge, I am not limited to just nutrition either.  I can help with just about anything related to your health and fitness.  Heck, I will even participate WITH you when necessary.  I am an avid exerciser and wouldn’t expect you do anything I can’t!

Expertise that Benefits YOU!

As an expert in nutrition, behavior change and wellness, I can help you with just about anything you need to make you a better you.  Here are just a few of them:

Don’t see you particular need?  I probably do that one too.  So go ahead and CONTACT ME  and we can discuss what solutions I have for you with.  Calls (or texts) are of course FREE!  Even if you just have a question I am happy to answer it.  No matter if you aren’t a current client.  I just love to talk shop!

CONTACT ME and begin your journey to better health!

Phone: 971-236-1436


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