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Puritan's Pride Green Source Iron Free Multivitamin & Minerals-120 CapletsDespite decades of research and well-funded mass education, 70+ percent of all adults and children in the U.S. do not eat the recommended five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day for good health. So, where do those missing nutrients come from? If you don’t get them in food and you don’t supplement, then your body goes without and your health suffers. The following are twelve reasons why you should supplement your diet:

1) Research Evidence for Supplementation

A 2002 landmark study in the Journal of the American Medical Association,concluded that everyone needs to supplement, regardless of age or health. Their study showed that people who did not get enough nutrition were at an increased risk of disease, including heart disease and cancer.1

2) Co-factors to Supplement Your Diet

Cofactors, which are found mainly in vegetables, are crucial for absorbing nutrition from food. Once absorbed, food is made into fuel for energy, neutralizing stress, and aging gracefully. But not having enough co-factors in your diet can result in inflammation and joint pain. Also, it causes the immune system to start misfiring, the skin to break out in unsightly acne, lesions and scabs. Soon, diseases can emerge, like allergies, arthritis, acne, osteoporosis, lupus, even cancer and heart disease.2

3) Cooking Kills Many Nutrients

Cooking at temperatures over 120 degrees kills practically all of the nutrition in most foods.3

4) Supplement Use in the Medical Field

72 percent of doctors and 89 percent of nurses personally use vitamin, mineral, herbal and other supplements either regularly, occasionally or seasonally.4

5) Save Money By Supplementing 

It is often cheaper to supplement than to buy nutritious food, especially out-of-season fresh produce. In order to get enough vitamin C, you would need to consume several dozen oranges a day. Not only is this impractical, few people can afford it.5

6) Diets By Definition Are Nutrient Poor

Virtually every popular diet plan, unsupplemented, is nutrient deficient. While vitamin supplements do not produce weight loss, people trying to lose weight can reduce cravings with concentrated nutrition.6

7) Supplement Your Diet for Better Digestion and Nutrition

Puritan's Pride Acidophilus & Digestive Enzymes-60 TabletsAn estimated 100 million Americans have some type of digestive disorder. So even when nutritious food is consumed, the nutrients are not adequately being absorbed by the body.7

8) Contraception and Supplementing

Women using oral contraceptives have lower levels of B-vitamins, (especially B-6, B-3 niacin, B-1 thiamin, B-2 riboflavin, B-12), folic acid and vitamin C.8

9) Not Nearly Enough Vitamin C

More than one-third of Americans do not get enough vitamin C in their diet. But just 500 mg daily supplement of vitamin C results in a 42 percent lower risk of death from heart disease and a 35 percent lower risk of death from any cause.9

10) Don’t Supplement Your Diet With Hot Dogs

Kids who eat hot dogs once a week have double their risk of a brain tumor. Kids eating more than twelve hot dogs a month have nearly ten times the risk of leukemia as children who ate none. However, hot-dog eating children taking supplemental vitamins were shown to have a reduced risk of cancer.10

11) Heart Disease and Your Diet

Puritan's Pride Vitamin E-400 iu 100% Natural-50 SoftgelsThe New England Journal of Medicine had two articles showing that persons taking vitamin E supplements had an approximately 40% reduction in cardiovascular disease nearly 40,000 men and 87,000 women took part in the studies. Consequently, the more vitamin E they took, and the longer they took it, the less cardiovascular disease they experienced. However, from diet alone, it is literally impossible to get enough vitamin E for optimum health. Yet just a daily intake of 100 to 400 IU of vitamin E is needed to prevent cardiovascular disease and most people do not even get 30 IU of vitamin E a day. In fact, most get only 17 IU daily.11

12) Eating Healthy is NOT So Healthy

People who eat a balanced diet still do not get enough adequate nutrition for optimum health. According to the 1992 Earth Summit, 85 percent of vital minerals have been depleted from the North American soil. In fact, as far back as 1936, the United States Senate issued Document 246, which says the impoverished soil in the U.S. no longer provides plant foods with the necessary minerals needed for human nourishment.12

The Bottom Line When it Comes To Supplementing Your Diet


A whole-food nutritional supplement makes any dietary lifestyle, whether good or bad, significantly better and they are quick, easy and affordable. So why not put the odds for good health in your favor?

By the way, not all supplements are created equal. Some are created in a lab, while others are made from food. A synthetic supplement can create chemical imbalances within the cells, resulting in an increased risk of disease and even premature death. So, make sure you are using a naturally derived supplement, like Green Active. Otherwise, you’re better off taking nothing.