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Weight Loss

A Good Diet Pill Can Help with Weight Loss

Many of us want to lose weight, but a lot of us fail at dieting for a number of reasons.  There are two big ones when it comes to supplements.  First, you may feel like a good diet pill is cheating somehow and forgo the benefits that some supplements can provide.  Second, you may expect the supplement to do the work for you.  You think (or blindly hope) that you don’t have to watch what you eat or start exercising, supposing that the pill will, or should, magically melt the pounds away.  Consequently, both are incorrect.  Surely you should consider supplements to help you shed unwanted weight beause they will enhance your efforts.  However, understand that a good diet pill will only help you in your weight loss efforts.  It will not make up for a poor diet or low activity level.1  Even great supplements will not have much effect in the absence of calorie control and exercise.

Thermogenics as Part of a Fat Burning Diet Plan

This is one of the most effective healthy weight loss pills for boosting your metabolism.  When your metabolism increases, you burn more calories than you did before.  Of course, the most important calories you burn include fat stores.  Caffeine and green tea are two effective ingredients that have been shown to encourage weight loss.2  Ironically, green tea contains caffeine.  This is a must-have in a supplemental arsenal for weight loss.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid to Trim Your Overall Size

Short for conjugated linoleic acid, CLA is a type of fatty acid that is occurs naturally in beef and dairy products.  It has proven to an effective weight loss aid and also increases insulin sensitivity, decrease blood sugar, fights toxins and even may help with atherosclerosis.  Scientists believe that the reason it makes for such a good diet pill is that it promotes apoptosis in fat cells.  In other words, CLA encourages fat cells to kill themselves.3  This is particularly significant because the number of fat cells in your body is essentially fixed in childhood.4  Therefore, staying thin becomes a little bit easier with fewer places for fat to hide.

Glucomannan for Healthy Weight Management

This formula contains konjac root, or elephant yam, a natural source of a special type of fiber called glucomannan.  It is very unique in its ability to absorb enormous amounts of liquid, which is why it is such a good weight loss aid.  First, glucomannan makes up about 40% of knojac, so it is naturally very low in calories.  Second, it takes up a lot of space in your stomach so you feel full with less food.  Thirdly, it delays the emptying of the stomach which also contributes to feeling full longer.  Fourth, it slows digestion and thus the amount of calories your body can absorb in a given time.  Lastly, it is a food source for the friendly bacteria in your gut.  A healthy bacterial landscape has also been associated with effective weight loss.5