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You have probably heard the hype about fish oil and its omega benefits and perhaps you even take it.  Some people who do, see a huge improvement in joint pain, memory, blood sugar or something else.  However, most of us aren’t that person and if you’re like me, you take it as a preventative, not necessarily to treat a particular problem.  So, you might be wondering if it is really making a difference in your health.  Following are some of the most important benefits of fish oil as proven by science.

Brains Work Better With Fish Oil

All cells have a capsule around them made of fats called the phospholipid bilayer.  This allows the cell to do its job correctly.  Brain cells need a much higher amount of the type of fat found in fish oil for optimal function.1  This is presumably why brains are work better with it.  Plus, it helps you avoid disease in general as you will learn as you read further.2

Omega Benefits for Women

As you might already be aware, there are lots of reasons to take fish oil no matter what gender you are.  However, if you are a woman, you may want to know about some gender-specific benefits.  It turns out that the fats in fish oil, called DHA and EPA for short, are almost impossible to find anywhere else other than fish.  But more importantly, these oil actually stifle the effects of aging.3

Fish Oil Means Heart Health

The EPA and DHA in fish oil that I just mentioned are in the “good” fat category.  And it turns out they’re great for your heart too.  First of all, they reduce triglycerides, or fat that roams around in your bloodstream.4  This is important because extra fat could potentially stick to blood vessel walls and eventually block blood flow.  On top of this, fish oil also reduces your chances of heart disease, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

I know, some of you have concerns about mercury and other heavy metals that are common in fatty fish.  While it is true that some fish can have high levels of metal, fish oil pills usually don’t.  Most are distilled to remove toxins.  This is a process in which the fish oil is essentially boiled so the metals, which are heavier, are separated from the oil.5  The fish oil we promote here is only the best and consequently comparatively inexpensive.6

Inflammation and Fish Oil

Fish oil is a very effective anti-inflammatory.  Because of this, it is known to be effective for heart health, treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, diabetes and even cancer.7,8  Years ago scientist wondered why Eskimos could eat so much fatty fish and have so few diseases.  The answer; DHA and EPA.9

Omega Benefits for Joints

Sore joints are almost always a result of inflammation too.  As you might expect, fish oil can again be helpful.10  Normally inflammation is a good thing…at first.  Think about cutting your finger.  It will become a little inflamed, but soon heal.  But sometimes this same sort of thing happens inside your body over and over and the inflammation never goes away.  Eventually tissue damage results.  This is what can happens to your joints and really your heart, blood vessels, brain and so on.  But never fear, fish oil has been proven to fight joint pain and discomfort.11