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Consultation Compensation

Perchance you pine for a personalized powwow to ponder your palate, peruse a precise meal map, or perchance a pal to prance alongside and propel your perseverance. Place a call forthwith to fathom the ways I can fortify your fitness journey

    1. Twin Falls, Idaho Area. Crave the celebrated consulative caretaking of the Super Duper Nutritionist, one-on-one? At the remarkable rate of $50 per hour, prepare to pummell painful pathologies with his superior skills and stellar spunk!  Group rates/Corporate events are the same.
    2. Within 100 Miles of Twin Falls. If your wellness wrongdoers take our hero beyond Twin Falls but remains within 100 miles, fear not! The remarkable rate remains $50 per hour.  There is an additional charge of $0.75 per mile (roundtrip) to cover travel expenses. Group rates/Corporate events are the same.
    3. Over 100 Miles Away. Seeking the Super Duper Nutritionist’s flawless fitness foresight over 100 miles away? Embark on an epic endeavor!  Our hero offers a plenteous package at a daily rate of $1500.  This includes up to 8 hours of consultation, travel expenses (i.e. flights and/or car rentals), and lodging. Group rates/Corporate events are the same.
    4. Online Zoom Consultations with Super Duper Nutritionist Craving expert nutrition guidance without leaving the comfort of your home? Look no further than our online Zoom consultations with the renowned Super Duper Nutritionist! Only $45 per hour.
  • Each consultation session promises exciting wellness breakthroughs and an unwavering commitment to your success.
  • The Super Duper Nutritionist’s heroic spirit knows no bounds.  He travels to kindle a love for health wherever he goes.
  • Available for active adventures (travel beyond 100 miles) of up to 5 consecutive days, our hero will help you vanquish your nutritional nemesis.

Join the Super Duper Nutritionist’s Longevity League and Conquer the Exertion Evil!

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📞 Phone: 971-236-1436

Get ready to unleash your inner Wellness hero and soar to new heights with the Super Duper Nutritionist!