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Let me start with an analogy that will help you understand how a phosphatidylserine supplement like Neuro ClearTM can help you.  Think of the front door of your house.   You literally have one so  you can control what comes in and what goes out.  If you didn’t have one, then animals, strangers and whatever is blowing around could come right in.  Plus, your one-year-old could walk right out and thieves could leave with whatever they could carry.   In terms of the ‘health’ of your home, having a door is essential.

Now, let’s use this analogy in a more practical manner.  Imagine that you have a front door, but it isn’t what it should be and it has some gaps in the frame.  Of course, not anyone or anything can just enter, or leave for that matter, but some stuff can still get in and out that you don’t want to.  If the air conditioning is on, some of the cold air is getting out.  Plus, air from the outside can get in.  This is particularly harmful if your neighbor happens to be burning leaves!  In any case, your less than perfect door means less than perfect home ‘health.’

A Phosphatidylserine Supplement Provides Cells With an Effective “Door”

The way your cells work is very similar.  Each is surrounded by a very thin layer we call a membrane.  This membrane works much like the front door of your home.  Nothing gets in or out without moving through it in one way or another.  It is composed of proteins, carbohydrates and mostly something called phospholipids (yellow in the picture below.)  There are a few types and we will be focusing on phosphatidylserine (PS).  Without them there is no membrane.  But like the front door of your house, if it is less than ideal, then so is the flow of stuff in and stuff out.

Phosphatidylserine and Your Brain

As you might expect, phospholipids are in every bite of food you ever take.  All animal and plant cells have them, but as I said earlier, it is an extremely thin layer.  Thus, the amount you are getting in your diet is only a tiny fraction of a fraction of the food you eat.  That’s part of the reason your body does make them, but no body does this perfectly either.

The reason that PS is so important is that it exists in especially high amounts in the membranes of brain cells.  In short, for brain cells to work right, they need lots of PS.  In fact, your brain ages because, over time, it experiences chemical changes and deterioration.  The more this happens, the worse  and worse cells get at communicating with each other properly.  However, phosphatidylserine safely slows and can even halt this process.1

PS is a Powerful Memory Improver

As you may already be starting to see, phosphatidylserine can have a huge impact on brain health and pretty much any condition associated with it.  One of the most basic results of PS is its ability to improve memory.  In fact, its effects are particularly pronounced in those with a memory problem.  For instance, in one study of folks with age-associated memory impairment, those that received a phosphatidylserine supplement performed better on memory and performance tests than those that didn’t.2  Other studies have shown similar results among those with memory impairements.3

“But I don’t have memory problems,” you say.  Why would I want to take a phosphatidylserine supplement?  Let me ask you a question.  Do you think the memory impaired subjects took one before becoming memory impaired?  Of course not.  In fact, more than likely they did not have sufficient phosphatidylserine over a long period of time which resulted in memory problems.  I present this s a likely possibility because studies have shown that PS can reduce the aging of the brain.  Thus, taking a phosphatidylserine supplement before you have problems seems wise.4,5,6

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s on a Phosphatidylserine Supplement

As you may know, both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, although different diseases, share the fact they are both indisputably a result of the brain cells failing.  Since we have already established the fact that PS helps improve brain function, it will come as no surprise that it helps with both.  One study for instance, showed that a phosphatidylserine supplement seemed to retard aging in the brain of patients who had Alzheimer’s like Parkinson’s disease.

Phosphatidylserine and MoodPuritan's Pride Neuro-PS 300 mg (Phosphatidylserine)-60 Softgels

It perhaps comes as no surprise that PS improves mood.  Our brains are made to deal with stress but cannot do so without enough of the right nutrients, namely phosphatidylserine.  It only makes sense that having enough will help our brain deal with stress better.  This seems to be precisely the case.  In one study for instance, people with higher than normal stress problems reported better mood with just 300mg of PS daily.7  Other mood problems such as depression have also shown improvement for people taking a phosphatidylserine supplement.8

Can a Phosphatidylserine Supplement Improve Athletic Performance?

The short answer is; yes, it can.  Cortisol is a hormone that is naturally released due to stress, which is probably why it helps with mood.  But exercise is a stress too.  PS combats the stress caused by exercise, fights the effects of over-exercise and blunts the effects of cortisol9  And because it helps improve brain performance and athletic performance too, it .10  Heck, it even helps with your golf game!11

Why You Need to Get on PS

I have really only scratched the surface of PS here.  There are many studies showing its positive effects in just about any situation.  Think about it.  PS improves brain function and the brain controls every other system in your body.  Thus, it not only improves brain health, but also digestive health, heart health, liver health, immunity and on down the line.  It is a powerful supplement and one that you should strongly consider adding.  Just don’t forget to do it!