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What is Propolis?

Bees of course make honey, but they must have a headquarters to do it.  Propolis is a product they create to manufacture the structure of their hive.  However, the composition differs based on the location of the bees since it originates from the local foliage.  Bees in Brazil for example have a very different variety of plants to choose from than those in Zimbabwe or Florida.

In Brazil a small region exists where indigenous bees create the rarest form of propolis in the world, called Brazilian Red.  Other types from the surrounding areas are also very unique.  Their healing properties are amazing in their curative nature.  The propolis from these creatures is made of a unique blend of antioxidants and isoflavones found nowhere else that provide these powerful healing properties.1

Three Types of Propolis

The bees of Brazil produce 3 distinct varieties of propolis; green, brown, and red (the rarest of all).  Each has proven to have anti-cancer properties.  They differ from one another in their chemical composition and from that of other types, but these 3 have by far been shown to be the most effective.  While there are certainly many compounds that have yet to be found in bee propolis, here are a few that we know about:

  • Brazilian Green propolis has a compound known as artepillian-C (often called ARC) which interrupts the action of a cancer promoting enzyme known as PAK-1.
  • Brown contains caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE) and diterpene 3, both of which inhibit various types of cancer.
  • Brazilian Red Propolis is actually pretty new in its discovery and contains many cancer-fighting compounds.  The most notable are known as vestitol and formononethin.2

Although these varieties of propolis are quite different from one another, they are all made up of powerful ingredients that have been shown to fight cancer.  So why all 3?  For the same reason you eat different types of foodFats, proteins and carbohydrates are all important to your health and the 3 together provide the best results.

A Natural Medicine Cabinet

Mark Kaylor is a holistic healer that gives Brazilian propolis to the majority of his cancer patients because it works.  Some of them are still fighting it, others are recovering after becoming cancer-free.  Yet all of them get to live their lives without the devastating effects of chemotherapy and radiation that of course destroy cancer cells, but also one’s quality of life.  Thus, with Brazilian Propolis, life is unaffected and Kaylor says that of all the patients he has treated, he as never seen a patient decline.  It is like “a whole medicine cabinet.”

Only One Effective Choice

Battling any disease requires knowing what you are dealing with.  Perhaps it may be a virus, bacteria, toxin or enzyme, and many of them, including cancers, are associated with that enzyme mentioned earlier called PAK-1 such as:

  • Recurrent colorectal cancer3
  • Neurofibromatosis (a really nasty type of brain tumor)4
  • Solid tumor cancers5
  • Glioblastomas (a type of brain tumor)6
  • Breast cancer7
  • Lung cancer7
  • Pancreatic cancer7
  • Acute myeloid leukemia8

PAK-1 functions by helping cancer cells spread themselves all over.  Almost ¾ of cancers depend on this hooligan to take over.  PAK-1 is sort of like the UBER for cancer cells.  If they have no ride, they can’t spread around.  The experimental scientists at drug companies of course know about PAK1 and how it works for 20 years.  Still they have failed to replicate the effects of Brazilian propolis.9

In fact, it will probably anger you to learn that the government has known about this cure for quite some time.  The HIS discovered a chain of emails back in 2013 among researchers recognizing Brazilian propolis as the only real cure for cancer.  One portion of a message reads:

“…propolis is the only effective therapeutic treatment available on the market so far.”

So why isn’t the medical community all over this?  I have my theories and you probably have yours.  In any case, there is a cure: Brazilian propolis.  It kills PAK1.10

A Proven Cure to the Question: Can Propolis Cure Cancer?

Fighting cancer means fighting the action of PAK-1 and nothing is better at that job than Brazilian green propolis.11,12  In fact, ARC from Brazilian green propolis also defeats lung1, prostate14, and colon cancer15, and neurofibromatosis tumors.16

CAPE from brown propolis fights cancer too.  Although this one has not been studied for as long, we already know that CAPE:

  • Severely inhibits and destroys oral cancer cells. Researchers have suggested that it should be used “for treatment of advanced oral cancer patients.”17
  • Is deadly for breast cancer cells known as ‘triple-negative’ by stunting their growth and leaving them vulnerable to destruction. 18,19
  • Increases the success of conventional cancer treatments for advanced prostate cancer.20

And there’s more:

  • Diterpene-3 found in Brazilian brown is 15 times more powerful than similar compounds in its cancer-fighting ability.21
  • Also, Brazilian red has been touted by researchers as having potential to “serve as an anti-cancer drug.”22

That’s Just the Beginning

As if curing cancer wasn’t enough, Brazilian Propolis has numerous positive immune results and new uses continue to unfold.  By improving the effectiveness of your immune system23, it can help you deal with:

  • Influenza24
  • Inflammation and inflammatory diseases25,26
  • Gingivitis27
  • Candida28,29,30
  • Herpes31
  • Resistant enterococci bacteria32
  • Wound healing33
  • Nerve pain34

The Best Propolis Formula

So whatever your fight; cancer, disease, infections, Brazilian propolis is the ‘magic bullet’ so-to-speak.  But not just any propolis will do. Don’t get me wrong, propolis of any kind is a great product and provides certain benefits, but Brazilian  (all 3 varieties) is by far the best according to research.  And although it may sound like a predictable sales pitch, the product you see throughout this report is the most effective combination of Brazilian brown, red and green propolis.

A Unique Propolis

The way in which you obtain the propolis turns out to be important as well.  In fact, you can’t just scoop it out of a bee hive and get the same benefits we’ve talked about here.  If you did, you would need to consume a bucket of the stuff every day to obtain the same benefits in a few pills of this product.  Green ExtractionTM,an exclusive, patented process makes this possible to give you the kind of potency you need.  So what do you have to lose?  If propolis can cure cancer and fight off just about any infection, you deserve to give it a try.