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We all want to know how to beat stress.  My top 5 stress busting tips will help you battle this growing hit on your adrenals and help you relax and refocus.  Even if for just a little while. If you live in the world today, chances are you have (or are) experiencing stress of some kind.  It’s inevitable.  Or is it? Wouldn’t we all like to live on a beautiful sandy beach with the cool ocean just lapping at our toes as we walk slowly and count our blessings.  Or perhaps you are more interested in a tiny house or cabin away from society and surviving off the land. I think I would take either of those right now. We live in a world of stress and sometimes being stressed is even thought of as a badge of honor!

The world today is not one that is built for a relaxed lifestyle, in general of course. There’s social media for a start which, doesn’t just stop at Facebook or Instagram.  We also tend to over-schedule or lives, or our children’s lives and don’t think about the cost to our health and the growing stress on ourselves and our families.

Tips on How to Beat Stress

  1. Schedule time with a special friend or family member you love to hang out with.

Actually scheduling this time will give it purpose and meaning and allow you to add it to your calendar or day timer and make room for it. This special time will give you the mental break you need.  Make it a time of laughter and catching up rather than a time you simply listen to each other’s thoughts! This is very important.  Don’t get into the habit of using this time to moan and grumble – this is your happy time with someone you love.

  1. If you don’t currently practice any form of yoga or mediation then now is the time to get on board.

It really is as simple as taking 5 or 10 minutes out of your day.  First, find somewhere quiet, close your eyes and calm your busy mind. How do you quiet the mind you might ask? For a quick tip I recommend closing your eyes, notice your breathing and focus on an area of your body that you want to work on.  For example, visualize your gut, or place both hands on your abdomen and focusing on peace and calmness.  Thus, you will quiet this area and allow it to calmly do its job (digestion).  Or you might focus on your throat if you need to say something but feel you can’t.  This can give you the strength to face whatever it is you need to say and give power to your voice.

  1. Get outside!

As soon is summer is over we all seem to go into hibernation mode and bundle ourselves up for the cold. But we still need vitamin D and the sun is still shining. So, put on a warm coat, gloves and a hat and go for a walk outside.  Even a 20 minute walk will fill your lungs with fresh air and your mind with bright thoughts.  Research has shown that being active outdoors is good for your well-being1

  1. Spoil yourself in whatever way works for you.

It could be a hot bubble bath.  An evening with your loved one watching your favorite movie.  A weekend away, or simply taking the afternoon off and reading a book in the comfort of your favorite chair.  It doesn’t have to be expensive to take a lot of time.  As long as you enjoy it and you feel that you have taken time for yourself you have accomplished the objective.

  1. Help someone else.

By helping others, we put our own life into perspective.  We focus on someone else and not ourselves for a short time. By helping others, we are putting good back into our communities and giving ourselves time to reconnect with the things that are important.  That could be helping a family member or at a local event.  You might choose to work in a community garden, or simply sit and reading to someone who can’t do it for themselves.

  1. Eat Well.

This tip is a bonus because it’s a hard one to implement for most people.  But it is critical to dealing with stress.2 To beat stress head on, you need to eat a whole foods diet low in sugar, additives, preservatives, fast food, caffeine and soft drinks. If you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and lean protein, our bodies can work at their best.